Why Roos wants to share "La Vie"

After traveling around the world for over 10 years, working and spending a lot of time by myself in different cities around the world, I got a chance to dream and observe so many places.
From the most simple up to the most extraordinary and luxury places you could imagine.
I also had a chance to observe people and all their needs. I had a chance to observe different levels of hospitality, quality and service.
I had a chance to observe all different styles and atmospheres. And then I realized, that’s what I want to do, I want to create something and share this. Give guests a good memory of a little cosy place, the luxury of simplicity and good quality, details that make a difference, in the middle of the city I love most ❤ Amsterdam.

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My name is Rosanne Swart (Roos for friends and family). I have been travelling around the world for more than 10 years and have expierenced a lot of different hotels, resorts and B&B’s. This experience has lead me to creating my own Bed & Breakfast with my own vision and ideas.