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    La Vie en Roos
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    We hope to welcome you to our new B&B in Amerongen.

Our place

Our new challenge is a renovated farm-building in Amerongen, near the River “Rijn” and at the edge of the “Utrechtse Heuvelrug”. Still busy decorating the new, 3 B&B rooms we hope to welcome you to this luxury but also cosy environment.

Welcome at our cosy little tall house, in the Jordaan at the City Centre of Amsterdam. We are located in the 10th little street, which is calm and beautiful. The nine little streets area is famous and known for its boutique stores, designer shops, hip and cosy restaurants, art galleries, bookstores and its protected world heritage architecture. Still everyday I walk out of the door, I feel blessed to be able to enjoy this beautiful piece of history and architecture, with its special ambiance.
La Vie en Rose 🌹is a little tall house from the 18th Century. Steep stairs, narrow hallways, lots of windows and old wooden beams holding the ceiling. I bought this place, in a total different state of being, everything was falling apart.
I just finished the adventure of restoring this old house, into something I absolutely love.
Downstairs you will find a Beauty Salon. On the first floor is located a beautiful room, decorated with natural materials, a nature stone marble bathroom and a King size bed dressed with the most soft and natural fabrics.
If you feel like you need a little hide away in Romantic place, where simplicity and the luxury of great materials come together and little details try to make a difference, then this is for you.

After traveling around the world for over 10 years, working and spending a lot of time by myself in different cities around the world, I got a chance to dream and observe so many places.
From the most simple up to the most extraordinary and luxury places you could imagine.
I also had a chance to observe people and all their needs. I had a chance to observe different levels of hospitality, quality and service.
I had a chance to observe all different styles and atmospheres. And then I realized, that’s what I want to do, I want to create something and share this. Give guests a good memory of a little cosy place, the luxury of simplicity and good quality, details that make a difference, in the middle of the city I love most ❤ Amsterdam.













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